Iron Skin: A Memoir

In January 2022, after two years in the making, I finally published my TSW memoir.

As you might imagine, putting this experience onto paper was violently emotional for me. I don’t remember the amount of times I cried while pouring words onto the page, but it was often and recurring. However, it was also healing. Writing this book was my way of looking back down at the mountain, realising how far I had truly climbed. And that realisation was deeply therapeutic for me. TSW is so overwhelming, so extreme, we end up so entrenched in the fight for our survival that we don’t realise how transformative it is until we get to the other side.

This is not a how-to-cure-TSW book. Nor is it medical advice, or any advice at all. It is simply my story, the kind of story I wanted to find so desperately in the depths of my struggle. I never found it then. I also never realised, I didn’t need to find it. In the midst of my battle, by some miracle, I had been writing it myself.

One thing I learned that characterises this struggle for all us, is many of us feel forgotten. It’s hard to accept that our life gets put on hold and we become invisible, while the world continues to pass us by. My hope is that Iron Skin may give people some semblance of what we go through, and can represent all of our stories. I hope you will read it, love it, share it, gift it, and find some inspiration within it that will pave your path to healing.

With all my love and gratitude,


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