If you’re going through TSW there are two important things that will help immensely on your journey.

  • Information
  • Support

You need to understand what is happening to your body, and what your body needs to heal.

You also need a community around you to keep you sane and motivated, and to remind you that healing does happen!

Below I have compiled a list of resources that you will find helpful.

Take the time to educate yourself, immerse yourself in a community of people who understand what you’re going through, and support yourself in every way you can during healing.

My Resources

This blog you’re on right now is my compilation of everything I know about TSW and NMT and is designed to be a supporting tool for anyone going through what I’ve been through.

  • My NMT Guide – A guide on everything I’ve learned about Dr Sato’s NMT treatment protocol.
  • My Blog – A chronological journal of my TSW journey
  • Iron Skin – My TSW memoir! Something for you to read on those many days at home.

Other TSW blogs

  • Tokuko’s blog -amazing and built with so much passion and love for the TSW community.
  • Dr Fukaya’s blog – A TSW specialist doctor in Japan who has done some incredible research and studies on TSW.
  • Decoding TSW – This is a blog by fellow TSW warrior Jing from Singapore, who has compiled a wealth of knowledge on TSW and also runs a TSW treatment clinic!
  • What Allergy – A blog by fellow warrior Ruth on all things skin, eczema and TSW.

Social Media

  • TSW Atlas – This is a TSW Youtube channel and Instagram by fellow warrior Heba, who is a dentist herself and from a family of doctors – she does a great job of explaining TSW in laymans terms so we can all understand what’s happening to us!
  • ctrl.skin – This is an Instagram by fellow warrior Jordan who is in the midst of TSW and updates us on the journey regularly. Very informative!
  • Remi’s TSW Journey – This is an Instagram page by fellow warrior Remi who lives in Australia – openly sharing life with TSW.
  • Cara Ward – Cara is one of the more well-known figures in the community and offers so much great support and information for warriors.

There are literally hundreds of people on Instagram who are TSW advocates or documenting their experience so I won’t make a huge list of them, but I’m sure you’ll find them as your journey goes on!


  • Preventable – This is a documentary I watched early in my TSW journey and found it informative and helpful. It’s a self-made documentary by fellow warrior Briana.
  • Skin On Fire – This is a documentary that features several TSW warriors in the middle of their TSW journeys, it’s very insightful and worth watching.
  • My Life During Topical Steroid Withdrawal – This powerful short film by fellow warrior Cecillia documents life during TSW, and was Emmy nominated!


  • The Shape Of Skin by Ruth Holroyd
  • Topical Steroid Side Effects by Suhein Beck
  • This Isn’t Eczema by Claire Oxenham
  • Curing My Incurable Eczema by Cara Ward

I add to this list regularly! If you have a resource that has helped you, please let me know!