Day 270: Another flare, but a painless one!

Very interesting thing happening with my skin right now.

I’m in a flare – but it’s a very different kind of flare. My skin is shedding like it does during these times, and in all the usual places, but this time there’s no raw flesh underneath. There’s skin! New skin.

It’s particularly noticeable because I have been spending many hours in the sun to boost my Vitamin D and also as a “sun shower” to nuke any germs since I can’t take normal showers. That means I’m extremely tanned and so when the skin sheds, it leaves very pale skin underneath by comparison.

Check it out:

My neck and upper back were some of the worst areas during my initial flares, so it looks like they’re flaring again, only this time there’s fresh skin underneath instead of bleeding and oozing. I’m guessing all the proteins and lipids and collagen have really helped thicken up the skin and it’s regenerating much faster now.

It’s actually like this all over my body, on my chest, tummy, groin, inner elbows and knees – all the places that have suffered badly during previous flares.

Even though I look like a zebra, there is no broken skin so it’s painless. That’s a good outcome as far as I’m concerned! I’m not too worried what my skin is doing as I know it’s healing in the long run, as long as I’m not suffering, I’m happy!

Hopefully this is the worst of it going forward. Fingers crossed.

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