Day 63: 8 weeks NMT/9 weeks TSW

For the first time, I think my skin took a step backwards this week.

Actually I should rephrase that – my skin looks worse this week than it did last week. However, I don’t see that as necessarily a step backwards. I know that the skin needs to flare and re-flare and shed and re-shed on its way to healing. So even though I’ve had a flare, I would still say we’re moving forwards and one week closer to healing.

It’s not a big flare. It’s about 20% of what my initial flare was in Week 1, probably less. It’s not all over my body, it’s only on my wrists, my neck and my head. My back and torso are all fine, and my legs have some patches but nothing major.

I haven’t been doing anything differently. I’ve been in the sauna and gym every day, except for the last 2 days where I thought it might be helpful to fast for a couple of days.

Other than that, nothing new to report. More of the same in this upcoming week, and hopefully we’ll shed this flare off quickly and get some nice new pink skin!

Some pics:

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