Day 8: Progress I think?

I have just woken up from a long evening nap, about 4-5 hours.

One thing I noticed immediately was how good my skin felt after a good sleep. I didn’t look at it, but I just lay there under the covers, trying to focus on the feeling coming from my skin. I wasn’t itching at all. It didn’t hurt like it usually does after a scratching session. Then I ran my hands up and down my arms. My arms didn’t feel normal, of course, but they felt drier, and less “angry”. I lay there for as long as I could, deep breathing, belly breathing, just trying to appreciate this feeling for as long as possible. And also, knowing in my mind that every minute of peaceful rest is another minute that my skin has to heal. I really believe, healing encourages more healing, and every second counts.

I have been fasting today. I haven’t eaten since for about 24 hours. I’ve only had a very small amount of coconut water (around 150 ml). I’m a very experienced faster, and I know well what it can do for the body. Fasting heals. I plan to incorporate fasting, both prolonged and intermittent into my TSW regimen. I really believe it will help.

Some photos from today:

Had some big peels on my forehead today, should crust up again I think.
Torso is drying up slowly. Belly looks terrible but it’s progress.
Arms are drying up! Feel less hot too.

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