Day 10: I shaved my head and took a shower

A couple of days ago I shaved my head and I must say…it feels SO MUCH BETTER.

It’s almost like I hacked myself an extra 20% towards recovery.

My scalp is drier and less itchy. My neck feels less irritated. My forehead is much less irritated (and it’s my biggest problem area). Most of all, I just feel better in general.

Today I also took my first shower since deciding to do NMT. It’s been about 3 days.

The reason I needed to shower was because I noticed I started smelling, especially in the folds around my groin. It had that very unmistakeable smell of sweat and dead skin, not very pleasant. Because the rashes around there are also pretty bad, I thought this might be a prime time environment for infection so decided to wipe it down with some antibacterial wipes. Then the next day, I couldn’t resist anymore and took a shower.

My god, that shower was like a freaking orgasm. I put the shower on semi-hot, when I stepped in I nearly melted with pleasure. I told myself I would just count to 60 and then get out, but it wasn’t possible, I think I stayed in there for about 5 minutes. Then I gave myself a huge pep talk and turned the shower to cold and stood under it for 2 minutes. This is an old trick I learned many years ago, it lowers the inflammation in your skin and also jolts your immune system. I nearly died initially, but afterwards I felt invincible.

One interesting thing I noticed was, after the shower my skin ended up being MUCH drier and flakier. I just ran a finger across my forehead and dead skin flaked off like confetti. A good sign, I presume. One thing I had to be very careful of was just patting myself dry extremely softly after I got out of the shower, so to not rub off too many crusts/flakes and break any skin.

I feel pretty fresh right now, and skin still seems to be drying nicely, so I think I’ll stick to a shower every 3 days.

Keeping strong.


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