Do you have a dehumidifier?

Since I’m going ALL IN on this NMT thing, I wanted to get as much moisture out of my living space as possible.

I moved a dehumidifier from the lounge into my bedroom, and it was pretty shocking. The dehumidifier showed my room at around 80% humidity. I put it on full blast, and within a day it auto turned off because it was already full of water (around 6 litres or so). At that stage it was showing the room at 38% humidity.

Now I’ve emptied it out and put it back on and I’m starting at 52% humidity:

Why is this important?

Well, the idea of NMT is to get as much moisture off the skin as possible. You want the skin to dry out quickly so it can shed and your new skin underneath can come through. If your living and sleeping areas are very humid, then of course that’s going to slow down the drying of your skin. Conversely, dehumidifying your room will greatly speed up the drying of your skin! So it’s basically making an interception on your one yard line and returning it for an NMT touchdown.

If you’re doing NMT, definitely get a dehumidifier. Remember, all these extra inches might seem small but might end up making a big difference in our recovery time. I’m trying to give myself every advantage I can get.


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