Day 130: Healing

The collagen and meat diet has been working great. The shedding was insane a few weeks ago, but it’s all been replaced with new and much healthier looking skin. I looked in the mirror today and my first thought was “Wow, I’m healing.”

Here’s what I’m eating every day:

500g grass fed beef or lamb, or sometimes salmon
100g beef or lamb liver
2-3 pastured eggs
1 bowl full fat yogurt (with collagen)
2 bottles of electrolyte water (with collagen)
1 cup of matcha tea (with collagen)
1 cup of bone broth (with collagen)

Supplements: Vitamin C, Vitamin D, probiotics, turmeric, fish oil.

I buy the best quality meat possible, and eat it as rare as possible, this (supposedly) is the most nutritionally rich way to eat it. Not only that, I feel extremely nourished afterward.

I also add in a few other animal foods sometimes, like a bit of bacon, cheese or goat milk. I also cook everything in organic ghee or lard.

This differs a lot from my diet during the first flare, where I was eating a lot of fruits, and also quite a few grains like quinoa and oats. Water content was probably too high on those, and also meat is superior nutrient wise (gram for gram).

Interestingly, it was my face that got destroyed during this second flare, even though it was left pretty much untouched during the first flare. My forehead and around my eyes were hit the hardest, and on my worst days it was looking pretty dismal. But since the addition of collagen and an animal based diet, things have seemed to move fast. Check it out:

Happy with this progress. Still far from perfect, but moving in the right direction 🙂

One thought on “Day 130: Healing

  1. Nisa says:

    Your journey is so inspiring! Thank you so much for documenting this. Glad I stumbled on your blog while researching about NMT. It feels like it’ll be a less lonely road for me knowing others have gone through this too and come out on the other side. All the best with your recovery!!

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