Day 121: Meat Meat Meat

One of the interesting things I’ve noticed in this journey is I keep trying lots of different things but in the end I keep circling around to the same solutions.

The biggest thing for me is still nutrition.

I learned recently Dr Sato said that steroids are completely eliminated from our body after 1 month (previously reported as 1 year by Tokuko, but that was a mistake).

That added another lightbulb to this whole thing, that we are not trying to “cleanse” anything. For most of us, there are no more steroids left in the body. We are just trying to help the skin rebuild itself and function without drugs. To do that the skin needs to generate new cells and to generate new cells we need nutrients. How do we get the highest quality nutrients possible?

At the start of NMT I decided a carnivore based diet would be the perfect diet to try as meat contains much less water than fruits/veges/grains. One thing I also noticed when I was plant based/vegan is how much food I would eat. Plant foods are simply not sating – I ate a lot of beans and rice, quinoa, sweet potato, avocado smoothies etc – I would literally eat 7-8 meals a day and still be hungry. That was actually my favourite part of the diet because I love eating!! Constantly eating and cooking and never full? What a dream! However that is obviously not suitable at all for NMT.

When I came across the Carnivore Diet a while ago, I wasn’t ready for it. It sounded ludicrous. It is a diet where you only eat animal products, mostly red meat and eggs. The basic premise behind it is:

  • -Meat is more nutrient dense than plants.
  • Almost all plant foods contain anti-nutrients (oxalates, phytates etc) that prevent us from digesting them fully.
  • Meat contains zero sugar
  • Meat contains all nutrients in animal form which is perfectly bioavailable for humans. Plant nutrients on the other hand need to be converted into animal form, which the body doesn’t do very efficiently for many foods.

When I started looking at diet from a nutrient perspective, the carnivore diet made a lot more sense. In fact on paper you can get, in large excess, every single essential vitamin and mineral just from eating liver and eggs, with zero sugar and zero anti nutrients.

I first tried Carnivore at the start of NMT and I gave it up because I was feeling constipated and not passing bowel movements as regularly as I liked. However, I’ve since learned this is a common and normal symptom. Meat is made up of animal tissue, and since we are made of animal tissue, we absorb almost all of it with very little waste. Plants on the other hand are made up mostly of fibre, which contains zero nutrients and is nutritionally useless to the body. If you eat 100g of fibre, you will poop out around 95g of it. Fibre cannot be absorbed by the body and simply passes through the system. However, if you eat 100g of meat, you might only poop out 10-15g of it as waste. Almost all of it gets absorbed by our body.

Another thing I’ve learned is meat is much easier to absorb when raw or lightly cooked. Highly cooked meat can damage the fats and also cook out some nutrients.

I’ve tried to embrace this recently and for the last 10 days have been eating large amounts of raw beef and lamb steaks – 500g at least. I’ve been noticing a noticeable difference in my skin – thicker, stronger, when the skin sheds it is fuller underneath. It’s all small progresses at the moment, but the results are promising thus far. I’m going to keep with it, and see if the uptrend continues.

Again, just trying new things! Seeing what works. This is a learning journey – I won’t stop until healing is 150%.


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