Day 113: Collagen!!!

Haven’t updated in a while!

I restarted NMT strictly 4 days ago. For the last few weeks I’ve been totally off the wagon, drinking smoothies whenever I wanted and eating like a pig. Of course it was all healthy foods so I didn’t blow up, but still my healing seemed to stall. Now this flare is improving slowly but noticeably. If my first flare was a 9/10 this is about a 3/10 now, but obviously I won’t be happy until I’m a 0/10! Interesting thing about this one is it doesn’t look that bad but it FEELS so dry and uncomfortable. But definitely good progress.

A few things I’ve been doing that I think have helped noticeably:

I’m supplementing heavily with collagen now. I use a high quality (grass fed cow sourced) collagen powder and I eat 2-3 scoops a day. It’s really easy, I just mix a scoop in with my water, yogurt, broth, basically anything liquid that I eat I mix in a scoop or half scoop. Dr Sato says specifically to get protein intake 3 times a day, this is a really easy way to do it without eating a bunch of food (yes, collagen is a protein, the most plentiful one in our body!) Really it adds nothing to your water intake, as you just add it to the water you’re already drinking. Initially I was using a collagen from my local sports store but now I’m using this collagen¬†which I bought from iHerb.

As I’ve also been transitioning into the keto diet to help up my fat intake, I’ve noticed that my body dumps water like crazy. (Keto is a diet where you get 70% of your calories from fats, rather than carbs). I need to pee so much more often now, this is a common symptom on the keto diet, which is why you’re advised to drink lots of electrolytes, but I think it could be beneficial for NMT too. High fats is great for the skin, and dumping water is great for NMT.

The electrolytes have been great to keep me hydrated too on the lower water intake. I’m using these electrolytes but whichever one you choose, just make sure they’ve got a good mix of magnesium, calcium, sodium chloride and potassium! These Ultima ones have been great and delicious, but I’ve ordered a whole bunch of different brands this week to try too.

Drinking water feels so good now, as I mix in some electrolytes and a scoop of collagen, and it feels like I’m drinking superwater that my skin will love!

I’m also taking Calcium D Glucarate that someone mentioned in the Facebook group as being a great detoxification tool. I did some quick research on it and it looks like something that doesn’t complicate the bodily processes too much and helps with cleansing, so I’ve been happy to try it out. Can’t really tell if it’s been doing anything, but I’ll keep going and see!

Remember – keep experimenting, trying new things, and monitor the results. Every 1% helps!

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