Day 94: Mixed Results

I’m now 94 days NMT.

Honestly I’m not quite where I wanted to be. I would say around Day 40-50 I was at my best, it felt like I was 80% healed and everything was going to plan. Then small things started popping off again until I had a full on second flare around Day 80.

That flare is now slowly settling down, maybe 50% of the way.

Along the way I did get lazy and start deviating from my diet and water restriction, but nothing ridiculous. However I think the skin is so fragile that you need to be strict. When things start improving, you shouldn’t relax but do the opposite! Double down and get even stricter. So that’s what I’m going to be trying this time.

Of course I am much much better than I was on Day 1 so that’s the main thing. And I’ve learned so much, that I’m no longer terrified of what’s happening. Just frustrated, tired (exhausted!), but I feel like I know the way forward and it’s just a matter of discipline and patience now. Luckily even during this flare I’m still able to go about my daily life, such as grocery shopping and exercising and so on. Can’t go topless at the beach or go surfing, but in time 😅

This is a wallpaper that I keep on my computer screen. It reminds me that I’m being tested, but as long as I meet this test with everything I have, there’s no way I can lose.

Have faith and keep fighting hard everyone¬†🙏

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