Day 14: Two weeks in

Day 14 now, so officially two weeks of no steroid creams. Here’s how this has broken down:

Day 1: Not sure what’s happening.
Day 7: Figure out it’s TSW.
Day 7 – 11: Five days of fasting (water only). Kind of doing NMT (no moisturizer no showers).
Day 12: Starting eating again. Still kind of doing NMT (everything except the water restriction).
Day 13 – 14: Been eating lots of fruit and some meats. No junk no processed foods. Still not following water restriction.

In that time I’ve been doing the following:

Exercise: 100 pushups a day. I like this because it gets my heart beating but avoids me getting sweaty. I usually space them out in sets of 25 during the day.

Sleep: Was kind of jet lagged when I started this so my sleep has been messed up. I’ve been getting maybe 5 hours a day, and not very good hours. Need to work on this.

Bathing: Only showered twice since Day 7 (on Day 7 and Day 10). Both showers were around 5 mins. Hot and cold.

I’ve been reading a lot more about NMT this week so I’m going to change some of this up this coming week and hopefully fasten my progress.

Finishing my fast was great. I’m an experienced faster and usually 7-10 days isn’t much of a challenge for me, but with TSW going on I was really struggling by Day 5. I think my body was a little too weak to take on a fast that length. It’s fine to fast when you want to kick the flu or a cold, but TSW isn’t a “normal” kind of sickness. So, I broke my fast on Day 5. I still think I managed to get a good cleanse out of it and prepare me for this battle ahead.

As for my treatment plan, I’m on the fence with this NMT thing. I definitely see the logic in the no moisturizer and no bathing, but the 1,000ml water intake isn’t something I’ve been able to do or even really bothered trying to do. It only makes half sense to me.

However, Dr Sato specialises in this thing and that’s part of his protocol so, maybe I will try it. I have been reading about it all day today and asking questions in the Facebook groups. I guess the only way to know if it works is to try.

I’ve been much less itchy these past few days too. I think avoiding the grains, sugars and dairy really helps with that. I’ve been on only fresh meats, fresh meats and water (the best foods I know of for building) and it seems to be working well.

Here are some photos from the first 7 days of NMT:

One thought on “Day 14: Two weeks in

  1. Jd says:

    I believe Im going through TSW. I stumbled upon Dr Sato’s NWT from a fb group. Im glad to have crossed path with your page from google. Ill be reading through it all and analyzing my process.

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