Day 20: Disrespecting the water limit and paying for it

For the last three days, I’ve totally disrespected the 1,000ml water limit. I just LOVE eating too much and I love eating healthy foods, so I’ve been piling down fruits and home-made smoothies. My favourite one is pineapple, coconut and lime. I can drink 1,000ml of just that!! Hah.

So looking at my food journal, the last three days I’ve consumed 2,421ml, 1,860ml, 2,747ml of water (including food). Although this has all been healthy, whole foods (not a single ounce of junk or processed food) I’ve noticed this has been affecting my skin.

I’ve started sweating more, which has made the skin more moist and itchy. And I’ve started oozing during my sleep again. Which is probably because I’m scratching during my sleep again which is because I’m sweating during my sleep again.

Weirdly, the skin feels most comfortable when it’s completely dry. At least when the skin is “bad”. Of course good skin feels great when it’s soft and moist, but TSW skin needs to be dry and shedding. The good soft skin is underneath.

I think perhaps I started getting cocky as my progress was going well, so I thought “who cares about the stupid water limit”. But today I am back with a vengeance. I’ve had my indulgence in a full stomach and it’s back to serious time. I’ve already planned out all my food and water intake for the day and will definitely be under 1,000ml.

Back to the struggle!

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