Organ meats are the TSW killer!

During this healing journey I have been eating meats, and particularly organ meats, every single day.


First of all, diet is a key factor in abiding by Dr Sato’s water intake limit. To be honest I’ve been disrespecting that limit every day (mostly because I don’t fully agree with it, I’ll write about why in another post), but I’m still mindful of keeping my water intake down. I definitely notice when my water intake is higher I sweat more, which definitely causes more itching and slows down the drying and healing of the skin. But anyway, back to meats.

To keep to the limit as best as possible, you need to control your food intake too. Most foods are at least 70% water, so the more you eat, the more water you’re taking in.

That’s where organ meats come in.

Pound for pound, organ meats are the most nutritious foods in the world. It’s not even a contest.

Fun fact: You can literally overdose on nutrition if you eat too much liver. The Vitamin A level (an essential vitamin for rebuilding skin) is so high in beef liver that if you eat it more than once a week you can actually get sick from Vitamin A overdose. It’s also super high in Vitamin B12 and copper. Chicken liver has a similar profile.

Take a look:

Beef liver (full profile)
Chicken liver (full profile)

Now there are many foods with good nutrition profiles, but the reason I like organ meats is because

  • It contains a huge spectrum of nutrition in one food (more than any other).
  • The water content is lower than fruits and vegetables (about 65% compared to 85%) meaning you can eat more without breaking the NMT water intake limit.
  • It’s packed with protein and tissues which is what we need to rebuild our skin!

The other great thing is they’re easy to prepare. Just throw the liver in a pan with some lard or butter and fry them up. With beef liver you will need to slice it up, but with chicken liver they can go straight in. Then add some salt and it’s ready to go. People like to eat them with bread or rice, but I prefer not to add those things to my TSW diet as they generally have a low nutrient profile. Remember, our food intake is limited, try to arrange your daily diet so you’re taking in the maximum nutrition possible. Here’s what a bowl of liver with a few herbs and some kimchi looks like:

Chicken livers with parsley and kimchi

Other organ meats that are great for rebuilding skin are things like stomach, tendons and skin, or anything else with a lot of cartilage, collagen and/or fat. The easiest (and tastiest!) way to eat them is to make a big pot of bone broth and then boil them up until they’re ready to eat (get some bones, boil them up for a couple of hours until the soup is nice and fatty, then add your organ meats and cook until ready).

Here’s what a bowl of that goodness looks like:

Beef tendons, tripe and oxtail

If you want your body to heal your skin, be sure to give it all the nutrients it needs!

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