For NMT to work, we need to treat the body holistically

So I’m two and a half weeks in and progress has been good. While most people tend to get much worse before they get better, it seems I went through the initial TSW redness/hives stage for a week, and things have only constantly improved since then.

Having dealt with many health issues my whole life – severe eczema being the main one – I have a few ideas as to why my healing has been faster than typical.

It goes back to healing my eczema. Steroid creams, essential oils, moisturizers and natural treatments like aloe vera did not cure my eczema. Trust me, I had severe eczema from the age of 5 and my parents literally tried everything. I’m talking, countless doctors and derms, Chinese medicine, these ridiculous fish oil pills called EPOGAM (I still remember the name), we even changed washing powders, got allergy tests (I was allergic to dust and cats), ripped all the carpet out of my room. None of that worked.

What cured my eczema was getting healthy. Heavy exercise almost daily until I was dripping in sweat. Removing snacks and pies and soda and fast food from my diet and replacing it with fruits and vegetables. Getting lots of sunshine. Getting LOTS OF SLEEP. Lifting weights and putting on lots of muscle. Fasting. Drinking lots of water. Taking up high adrenaline sports like surfing and martial arts (ramps up testosterone and cortisol which accelerates healing).

All of these things meant I entered my mid twenties with barely any eczema at all. Of course I still had my vices, like alcohol, late nites, and occassional junk food. I did get rashes periodically, which I nuked with Mometasone cream and they were gone in a day and usually didn’t return for a few weeks or months. But eczema became a non-issue in my life after I moved to a very healthy lifestyle.

Now that I’m going through TSW I’ve had time to reflect one why this is happening to me. Well, it’s kind of obvious. I have a stubborn area of eczema on my forehead, and last time it flared up I decided I wouldn’t treat it and see if I’d go through a withdrawal (I’d heard about TSW from a cousin who went through it recently).

When that rash showed up around April this year, I let it be. Normally I would nuke it with Dermovate and it would disappear pretty quickly, but I was eager to finally get off steroid creams. Sure enough, my forehead flared up bright red like it was sunburned. That wasn’t a total shock, but what did shock me was the rest of my body followed. It looked like all the steroid creams I lathered my body with from the ages of 5-25 came back out to play (I’m currently 33).

I was prepared for the worst of the worst, and while the symptoms were horrific for the first week they settled down reasonably fast. Of course it didn’t feel fast at the time, I was actually overseas at the time and had to cut my trip short and catch an emergency flight home as things looked so severe. But after a week they settled into what I might describe as simply “very bad eczema”.

In the 2.5 weeks that I’ve been treating with NMT, symptoms have subsided rather quickly. I’m nowhere near 100%, but I’m certainly not experiencing the absolute horror some other TSW sufferers are.

Now, what’s the point of this story.

I have a very strong belief that the body can heal itself if you nourish it strongly enough. I have seen this countless times in my own life, and am seeing it again now with TSW. If you’re fit, healthy, you bless your colon with lots of fibrous fruits and vegetables, drink filtered water, exercise every day until you sweat, have good muscle mass and low body fat, your body will be self-healing. I’m fortunate that when starting TSW, I was in good shape and good health, but that wasn’t an accident. It’s something I have been working on for the last ten years.

Unfortunately this isn’t a good solution for most people. Getting healthy? Lose weight? Well that would take too long! Six months, a year. I can’t wait that long!

What people really want is a special cream you can put on and everything goes away. The irony is, that’s exactly the mindset that got us into this mess! If the first time we’d got a rash we’d said to ourselves, right, my body is obviously fighting something, let me cut out all the junk food, alcohol, late nights, and start exercising every day so my body can win this, TSW would have never happened to us.

Which brings me to NMT. I don’t think NMT is a TSW treatment. I think it’s a treatment for everything. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that when I look at the NMT treatment protocol by Dr Sato, it’s mostly an all-natural, holistic treatment protocol as well. Take a look:

  1. EATING WELL: Balanced meals every day with lots of protein
  2. SLEEPING WELL: No late nights, in bed every night by 10pm to get deep REM sleep by midnight.
  3. EXERCISE: Aerobic exercise every single day until you break a sweat.
  4. LIMIT FLUID INTAKE: This helps dry the skin, but I believe it also keeps your weight down.
  5. NO SHOWERING or MOISTURIZING: To help dry the skin and retain skin flora.

Now if you look at that, there is NO medicine involved, no special oils, pills, creams. The entire protocol, except for maybe #5, is simply about getting healthier. Good diet, exercising every day and sleeping. If you can do those 3 things over 3 months, you already greatly improve the body’s ability to self-cleanse and self-heal. For number 4, when you limit your fluid intake, it means you can’t just go and eat ice cream and drink wine and Coca cola. You need to be conscious with your food intake and will probably mostly be drinking water. Number 4 is probably as much about calorie control as it is about drying the skin.

It’s not a surprise to me that within 3 months patients leave Dr Sato in good health. That’s because 3 months is the general time-frame it takes for a diet and healthy lifestyle to kick in and really show improvements. I’m sure patients not only leave with TSW under control, but they leave the hospital healthier, fitter, stronger and happier too!

If you’re struggling with beating TSW, or any ailment, ask yourself if your body is actually healthy enough to fight. If you’re eating junk food, not exercising, overweight, not sleeping early, your body is fighting against you as much as it is fighting TSW!

Let’s face it, most people aren’t healthy even when they don’t have TSW. Your body is constantly trying to battle bad diets, bad sleep and little exercise. You were probably already on a bunch of medication before TSW even started. And now you want your body to beat TSW too? Not good odds.

If you really want give yourself the best chance to beat TSW, start here:

  • Throw out everything in your pantry that isn’t fresh fruit, fresh meat or fresh vegetables. Sugar, cookies, coffee, bread, alcohol, pasta? Throw it out!
  • Start exercising every single day until you break a sweat. EVERY SINGLE DAY.
  • Get to bed by 10pm.

If you can’t even do these simple things to get healthy, how is your body going to beat something as serious as TSW?

Get healthy, and the fight gets much easier. It might even take care of itself.

6 thoughts on “For NMT to work, we need to treat the body holistically

  1. Amar says:

    What you did there is adopting unknowingly the medical medium protocol (well parts of it) by introducing fruits and veggies and removing processed foods, fats etc eczema is viral and heavy metal issues and so treating the virus and removing the heavy metals from the body and avoiding additional exposure to it via foods and environmental

    Exercise itself is a great way to ‘speed’ things up and get the body clock working even faster to sweat out and detox out the toxins and it also builds up immunity

    Listen to medical medium podcast, marks so much sense o address be virus which the vast majority of people have but some are suspect to them due to sluggish liver and heavy metals

  2. Tokuko Kameda says:


    Right after I knew your work, I notified Dr. Sato but it looks like I had been forgetting to add comments here. Thank you very much for learning NMT seriously and try to spread the word. Your understandings are amazingly wonderful and it encourages TSW sufferers and give hope. I’m proud of you so much. I’m very happy to know that we have one more peaceful revolutionary warrior of TSW here. Keep doing a great job. If you don’t mind, please send me a friend request on Facebook.

    Again, thank you very much for helping the world’s sufferers and working for the awareness of TSW. I appreciate it!!

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