Day 333: Long but mild flare

I’ve been going through a flare for the last 2 months it feels like. The thing about this flare is it was very mild, in that it didn’t really affect my life too much. I had a lot of powdery skin and flaking on my face, but it produced no pain or ooze. I might have looked a little funky but I basically just went on living my life as normal.

The shedding has mostly been on my eyelids, around my nose and mouth, and my neck. My belly has had a bit as well. The place where it did get quite bad was on the back of my legs behind my knees. Although it only looked bad, it didn’t really feel too bad and I scratched it a lot without much bleeding at all. It looked like a bad flare, but didn’t feel anything like those painful flares in the past.

I’m guessing (hoping) that progress just continues like this, and when flares come, they’re milder than the previous ones, until we start getting no flares at all 🙂

One more month and we’ll be one year steroid free. What a journey it has been. Every day is progress.

Much love to you all!

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