The most important parts of NMT

In my experience, this is the order of importance for each component of NMT:

  1. Getting 8 hours of sleep (essential)
  2. Water restriction (essential)
  3. Exercise (every other day is okay)
  4. Proteins and lipids (necessary but can go without some days)
  5. No showering (if you need to, cold showers less than a minute do minimal harm)
  6. Sleeping before 10pm (probably good but I could never do it)

Other things that have helped (some are non NMT):

  1. Fasting (lets your organs rest so you can heal)
  2. Sunshine (Vitamin D and helps dry the skin)
  3. Removing sugar and processed foods
  4. Eating nutrient dense foods
  5. Meditation or long walks (for de-stressing)
  6. Dry sauna (to promote sweat)
  7. Supplements (I like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, collagen, turmeric)
  8. Warrior mindset. STAY POSITIVE! 🙂

Feel free to add your own in the comments.

5 thoughts on “The most important parts of NMT

  1. Tokuko says:

    Hello, it’s me, Tokuko!(^o^)/ Thank you very much for creating this wonderful blog to introduce NMT and my blog too. It is great because you (the information provider) learned NMT very well and mastered it. At the same time, you clarify if it is your personal experience or NMT protocol…It is very important and helpful for not only sufferers but for us too. Thanks again for your deep love to others. I appreciate it! Keep doing a great job!

    1. Libby Engel says:

      I feel like you all saved my life!!! This was the hardest year ever and pure torture. Healing Happens group on Facebook plus all TSW warriors are the only ones who can understand. We are “thrivers” not just survivors!

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