Some progress photos of the “powdery phase” in NMT

One of the phases we talk about going through in NMT is the powdery phase. This phase usually comes some time after the weeping/oozing phase has cleared up and the skin is a little thicker and stronger.

My powdery phase has been somewhat unique, as I was training for a race and it was middle of summer. I was spending many hours in the sun each day, often shirtless, and developed a really strong tan.

When the powdery skin phase started, my skin started shedding a lot as usual and you could very clearly see where the powdery areas were because underneath the tan was my normal white-ish skin, and the contrast was extreme.

Here are some photos of me at the start of the powdery phase and at the end:

The first photo was taken on February 21, the second photo was taken on April 13 – 52 days apart.

The second photo is still not “normal” skin, but you can see the colour is beginning to even out and the powdery-ness much less prominent.

This phase is much more bearable than the initial phases, and in fact hasn’t affected my life at all. Sure, I look a little funny, but there is very little physical pain or discomfort. Just life as normal while I continue let my body heal. In the end, it’s just another phase in the NMT journey 🙂


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Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, experience, and encouragement.
I have just begun my journey, and your words are very helpful.

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