Day 41: Sunshine and dry brushing

One of my favourite parts of the day now is midday. This is when the sun is highest in the sky, so if the sun is out, I go outside and I stand in the sun naked, put on some music and dry brush.

Dry brushes are designed to be firm enough to exfoliate away dead skin cells but soft enough to not damage the skin. I usually spend about 20 minutes brushing my skin and it SNOWS. So much dead skin comes off, which I love seeing because it means my body must be making new skin to replace it.

The second reason I always try to do this is because the sunshine gives me a good amount of Vitamin D. Almost everyone is deficient in Vitamin D and it’s an essential building block in new skin cell generation.

TSW is a fight, but every little bit of help we can give our body to heal helps.

Keep fighting 🙂

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