The Raw Dairy Experiment

Yesterday I finished my week of raw dairy. I added raw milk to my daily diet to see if it had any positive effect on my skin.

Raw milk apparently has many benefits. Since the milk hasn’t been pasteurized, it still has all the bacteria and enzymes it had when it came out of the cow. Apparently, these are all essential for helping us digest it properly. We pasteurize milk to kill all the potentially harmful bacteria, but in doing so we kill all the good probiotic bacteria too.

It’s also full of nutrients!

It’s actually quite difficult to get a hold of. I need to drive out of town around 40 minutes each way to get it. But there’s something satisfying about driving onto a farm and filling up bottles of milk fresh from a cow!

So has it helped?

Really I’m not sure. I’ve been drinking a litre per day, as generally you need to conduct these experiments at extremes to see any effect. While I’ve seen some improvement, it’s been nothing different from what I was experiencing before. It certainly hasn’t made anything worse. And, despite what people say, it hasn’t let to any tummy or digestive problems.

I actually quite enjoy the milk, so I will probably keep it in my diet. It’s a good way to get some extra calcium in each day, since I struggle to meet that target as I wrote about here. Update you again soon!

Raw wholesome goodness!

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