Day 42: 5 week NMT update!

Short update this week. I’m not going to post body pics since I’ve pretty much healed there, they look the same as last week. That’s good news!

The stubborn areas left for healing are my head, both forehead and back of my head. Comparing with last week, back of my head had really good progress but forehead looks pretty much the same. I have been peeling a lot there though so hoping it’s just shedding through layers until we get to the healthy skin. Actually my forehead has been mostly unchanged since week 3.

I’ve been sleeping much later. I noticed that if I tried to sleep at 10pm, I would just lie in bed and scratch until 2am and then fall asleep. Now I’ve realised if I just stay up reading or watching TV until 2am and then go to bed, I fall straight asleep, it’s much better. It may hamper growth hormone but I think with all the exercise and fasting my body is already overdosing on growth hormone.

Other than that nothing in my regimen has changed, just the usual protein heavy diet, daily exercise, sunshine, semi-restricting water. I also added raw dairy this week, read about that here. But this week as my body is much healthier I’ll be starting regular saunas. Had my first one today and sweated a lot of moisture out, felt very good. Update you in a week!

Some pics:

Lots of improvement! Still some ways to go.
Not much change. Will change a few things up this week!

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