Day 28: 4 week update

This week my skin has healed quite a bit more so I focused a lot more on exercise.

For NMT people seem to focus on the water restriction and bathing restriction, but I think the more important part of the protocol is actually diet and exercise. Tokuko actually wrote in her blog that the 3 months in the hospital is really just 3 months of eating protein, exercising every day, and sleeping (sounds too simple to work, but it works).

We look at NMT as this crazy thing but it really just sounds like a dedicated detox to me. This aligns with some other health issues I’ve healed holistically through similar treatment. If you make the body as healthy as possible, it will heal itself.

So I ran about 14km this week, plus did my usual daily pushups. I do get a lot of stinging on my thighs and head when I sweat as lots of skin is still broken but I just deal with it. I like it actually, as I feel like the salts are good for the wounds. I do also shower after every workout (30 seconds cold water).

I am also shedding dead skin like crazy. I like seeing this, it means new skin is coming.

I also spent many hours putting together nutrition research this week. This is because I have to approach diet much differently for TSW than I have for other ailments in the past. When trying to treat an ailment holistically I would just eat as much superfood as possible, but the water restriction on NMT means we can only eat a limited amount of food. That means we have to be very selective and eat the most nutrient DENSE food to get the most “bang for your buck”. Basically there are 28 vitamins and minerals considered “essential” to the body:

(Vitamin A, C, D, E, K, 8 different B vitamins, Calcium Chloride, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Chromium, Copper, Iodine, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Selenium, Zinc).

I went through the nutritional data to find out which foods provide the most of these vitamins and minerals so I know what’s the best food to fill my quota with (short answer is: grass feed beef, wild caught salmon, liver, broccoli, avocado, dark chocolate, almonds, sweet potato). There are a few others too but those are the main “super dense” foods. So basically right now my meals are salmon and avocado, steak and brocolli and I snack on liver pate, almond butter and dark chocolate (80% cocoa minimum). Things like pasta, bread, rice etc are pretty much a waste of space, and contain barely a fraction of the nutrition of those other foods. I’m also drinking fresh juices instead of water as an additional hack. Supplements I’m taking are daily probiotics, zinc, cod liver oil, turmeric.

What exactly are we trying to here in TSW? Well, to me it seems we’re trying to cleanse heavy toxins from the body, shed damaged skin, and generate new skin. All normal bodily functions, just that we’re doing them 100x normal right now. That means we need to get all these vitamins and minerals every day in abundance, especially now as we’re generating new skin cells and cleansing more intensely than usual.

So basically my focuses right now are to eat REALLY well, sweat a lot every day, try and sleep 8 hours, 30 second showers, 1,200L water excluding meat. Also I find that if you exercise hard enough the water restriction becomes much easier; today I sweated about 600g which meant my water limit was 1,200ml+600ml, which is almost normal.

Starting month 2 now, just waiting for that dreaded second month flare so I can kick its butt.


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