Day 25: Flaring again

So my body has come around to its second flare. I wasn’t alarmed as I was expecting it, after reading all the accounts in the Facebook groups. However that didn’t stop me from groaning about it most of the day.

The thing about the flares is they hurt. I’m not worried as much about how they look, because I know that will pass, but it’s the pain that bothers me. It stops me from doing anything, even just lying down and watching a movie isn’t pleasant because my skin is so uncomfortable.

To try and settle this down as fast as possible I’m trying to really cut my water intake. I’ve been running to the sink to spit as often as possible to remove moisture from the body – a little trick I learned from the guys at the boxing gym (they do this when trying to cut weight for a fight). However my constant eating of fruits isn’t really helping my cause.

Either way, I’m doing my best to fight this one off. One positive is that it’s much, much less severe than my initial flare – it’s mostly on my arms and groin area, the rest of my body has been spared. Hopefully that’s a sign of progress.

Keep fighting!


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