Day 49: 6 weeks NMT/7 weeks TSW update

This week was productive. I had a small improvement in my two problems areas (back of head and forehead).

Compared with last week, my forehead finally improved a little. Maybe 5%.

Back of my head is more or less the same, maybe a 1-2% improvement.

I did have a little flare over the weekend during my fast, but it went away pretty quickly.

I’ve been doing things differently this week. One word: SAUNA!

I started using the sauna because I really dislike limiting my water intake. Not because I get thirsty, I can handle that. What I don’t like is the feeling I’m not getting enough nutrients to the body to heal. So I needed to find a way to remove more water from the body (so I could eat more). I can sweat a decent amount through exercising, but on my current water limit, I can’t exercise enough. I simply don’t consume enough calories.

So here’s what I tried this week. I joined a gym with a sauna.

Every day I go and I workout on the treadmill and the weight room like a crazy person. Literally until I’m about to pass out. That usually sweats me out around 600ml. Then I go sit in the sauna. If I sit in the sauna for 30-40 minutes, I usually sweat out another 800ml. That’s 1.4L of water sweated out.

My first “hack” is I don’t drink water at the gym. I make a cold pressed vegetable juice and sip on that in the gym and sauna. So I’m sweating out water and replacing it with vitamins and minerals. The juice is usually around 500ml. So I still have around 900ml to replace.

My second “hack” is I go home and EAT! I’ve set my water limit is 1,500ml, plus the 900ml I still need to replace, gives me 2,400ml for the rest of the day. I can easily fit all the nutrition I need into that.

My third “hack” is I intermittent fast from 8pm until 2pm. I always work out fasted, so my growth hormone is probably off the charts. My eating period is only 6 hours, and sometimes I can’t even finish my water limit in that time. Really nice problem to have!

I did this every day.

It seems to be working as I finally saw some noticeable changes in my forehead (and I feel really healthy too). I’ll continue again this week (even harder! GRR!) and hopefully see more progress.

One thing I have noticed is I can’t sleep anymore. Usually it gets to 2am and I’m not even tired. I try to sleep and wake up at 4am and I’m super awake, like I’m on drugs or something. Suddenly my body is finding all this energy and it’s upsetting my sleep schedule. So that’s something I need to figure out this week!

Some pics:

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