Day 795: Is It Over?

Hey guys, just wanted to give you another quick update.

I’m currently living in a warmer climate and it has made quite a big difference. The recent flare is all but gone and I would say my skin appears 95% “normal” now. By normal, I mean that nobody would have any suspicion I’ve been through a skin issue.

Of course there are still old footprints of TSW scarring/patching I have on my arms/legs and forehead, but they are extremely light and you would never notice them unless you actually came up close to me and looked for them. I’d say 100% of strangers I meet would never have any clue of the hell I’ve been through and think my skin looks completely normal.

It’s great news obviously, but it doesn’t mean another flare isn’t possible. It’s the true horror of this condition – you never know if you’re healed if you’re just “in between” flares. But as long as we remember that healing WILL happen, and can stay strong, and have faith, and lean on each other, we’re all gonna make it.

Love you guys!


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