I tried the 1,000ml water limit and failed :(

So with this NMT protocol, not only do you limit moisture externally (no bathing, creams, oils etc) but you also limit moisture internally as well (low water intake).

The target is supposed to be 1,000ml per day. At first I thought this was just water, but in the support groups I had a discussion with a guy named Ahmed in one of the Facebook support groups who apparently was treated by Dr Sato and he said it includes everything (water and food!).

Considering most food is at least 70% water, that seemed impossible. But I figured I would try and see how it felt.

So here’s how my water breakdown for the day went. I weighed all my food, calculated the water content and then added it all up:

  • 1 kiwi = 133g (110g water)
  • 4 mandarins = 152g (129g water)
  • 1 slice pineapple = 278g (242g water)
  • 10 grapes = 100g (84g water)
  • 6 dates = 127g (27g water)
  • 700ml drinking water
  • TOTAL = 1,293ml water

As you can see I barely ate a bowl of fruit salad and didn’t even drink a full bottle of water and I blew the target by 30%.

Not to mention, I was pretty much feeling hungry and thirsty the entire day and had no energy to do anything!

So my conclusion is, sure, this might be the best protocol to heal your skin asap, but doing this any longer than a few weeks and I will wither away into nothing. Plus I don’t think keeping your nutrient intake so low is the ideal way to regenerate healthy skin.

I will still be recording all my food/water intake from now on, but I’m going to try to keep the limit to fruits/snacks/water, and consume as much protein as possible.

Of course, I’ll continue to monitor how my skin progresses and adjust if needed.

2 thoughts on “I tried the 1,000ml water limit and failed :(

  1. Ifah says:

    Hi… Thanks for posting this. I’m on my TSW journey through NMT. I’m still confused about how to analyze water intake. where to see the details information? Thx

    1. Bren says:

      It’s different for everyone since we’re all different sizes. Your urine should be dark yellow (but not orange) and you should be thirsty but not dehydrated. If you’re feeling very thirsty then drink.

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